Holistic Massage

Holistic massage is an individual massage, specifically tailored to you as the client. It follows no fixed routine and focuses on more than just superficial aches and pains that you may have.

A holisitc approach treats the whole body, and I take into account your emotional and spiritual wellbeing, as well as your physical body. I work in a flexible way, determined by your needs at the time that we work together. I am able to use a wide range of massage techniques and can incorporate gentle massage, stretches, relaxation work, deep tissue and direct and indirect myofacsial release techniques. I am also able to support the release of scars to reduce pain and restrictions caused by them, integrating myofascial release techniques.

Massage is beneficial to us, particularly when we're in chronic stress. Our body operates from the sympathetic nervous system and is constantly in "fight or flight". Long-term chronic stress can lead to health issues such as high blood pressure, increased heart rate, heart disease, heart attack, strokes - the list goes on but it's hard to come out of this state once it's triggered. Massage encourages engagement of the parasympathetic nervous system and the body can enter a rest and repair state.

Massage also has other tangible benefits, such as an increase in improved gut mobility easing constipation, joint mobility or reducing muscular aches. You might also notice an increase in your personal wellbeing or a sense of relief that is hard to define. Massage can reduce pain, improve mood, reduce anxiety and boost the immune system. Links to research on the benefits of massage can be found here:- Massage Training Institute Benefits of Massage